New Camera System -Goodbye Canon

For now at least. Part of me felt like It was a burden holding me back at times, in the past year I've been hiking in the mountains a lot and it very apparent how having a large camera holds you back. 



What lens should I bring, the trusty and cheap 18-50 f2.8? But I want the best quality, so maybe throw in the 50 f1.2 as well, but what about those long shots? Bring the 70-200 as well? And then I realize I don't have the room with all the climbing gear I'm carrying as well. I always end up just bringing my waterproof Nikon AW110, which does produce a great image for its size, but I'm always wanting more quality.


 Canon as a system was great when I was doing more Motorsports work, but lately I've felt I've been not shooting for myself enough. And that's why the Fuji XT-1 really peaked my interest, both for it's size and lens system. Camera arrives this week and I'm excited to get back out and shooting without lugging around an overly large camera bag. 


I've researched plenty on the camera and it's hitting many marks, and photographers around the world love it. I also own a Panasonic GF1, which was my first mirrorless camera and the technology has vastly improved since that came out. Looking foward to shooting with the XT-1 and showing the images it produces.