New Website, Hello World.

For the longest time I was a hobbyist  making a small side income shooting photo assignment for various clients. This website is the start of my professional career, as I pursue a job shooting architecture for various businesses and organizations. Let me give you a quick introduction to myself and show off some work I've shot in the past. 

Jump to Destiny 

I got started in photography when I first received a Canon Powershot A630 a long time ago, upgraded to a Canon Xti and it was shortly after I got involved shooting reenacting and milsim events. WWII, Vietnam, and Modern events combining the aspects of airsoft, blank fire, and controlled pyrotechnics created the most realistic recreating events of war, getting people off the couch away from the Xbox and trying out the real thing. I participated in a few events and then got hooked covering the events behind a camera.   

Recondo School 2011

I've been involved with various groups and organizations including BattleSim, TheWarDepartment, MilSim West, and even done some special project assignment for the guys at Ft. Louis.

Formula Drift 2012 - Round 5 - Evergreen Speedway

A few years down the row I got introduced to the sport of drifting, something I had never heard of. I was never that into cars racing in a circle, but this was a whole different level. Cars going around bank chasing each other going above highway speeds...sideways. If you don't think burning a whole set of tires chasing a smoke cloud in front of you thats your opponent is absolutely awesome, then there's something wrong with you.

Formula Drift 2012 - Round 5 - Evergreen Speedway

I've had the opportunity to meet a lot of new people in this sport, make new friends and produce  work for clients such as Scion Racing, Drifted, NWMotiv, PGP Motorsports Park, Evergreen Speedway, Factory 83, Wheaton Racing, and many more. 2012 was a busy year for me as far as work and school goes and I was unfortunate to not attend as many events as I wanted and get further involved. Can't wait to see what the 2013 season brings.

NOS Energy Fast Five Premiere Car Show

I also became very involved in shooting car shows, it's fun, and can be challenging at times with half the crowd shooting with phones, but I pride myself in my framing and attention to detail. I have fun making artistic shots out of static cars.

Mini Cooper

I also enjoy taking cars out to location and getting some fun shots as well.

Mt. Rainier 

Another side to the hobbyist in me, I enjoy taking landscape shots, like this shot for example. I've seen too many photos of the mountain itself and wanted to concentrate on the beauty of spring around the mountain while still showcasing it. Composition is key and I always challenge myself to find the best angles to shoot from.

So thats me in a nutshell, A striving architectural photographer who also love high action motorsports, car shows, recreating history, and wandering around landscapes. I'll be writing more posts relating to my past in the near future, as I've never actually been dedicated to a blog, and it's due time I did so. Be sure to check out my current portfolio via the links up top.