Welcome to the Family - Panasonic GX8

I honestly had no intention of buying a new camera until the day I was looking around B&H Photo's website. Work was slow and I was curious what was out there since I've been content with my Fuji XT1 for a while now. 

Fuji XT1 after a day at the speedway

I'd purchased a Micro 4/3 camera years ago, a Panasonic GF1, one of the first that helped spark the M43 revolution. A compact system, retro styling, cheaper smaller lenses that didn't sacrifice on quality. I was sold. Having been raised on Canon and having owned an XT1, 30D, 7D, L series lenses etc, I know how heavy and expensive that can get making your way downtown for a day of shooting.

I bought my GF1 looking for something new, something smaller, something I could take anywhere with minimal weight and pack size and it fit the bill for non professional work at the time. it was a great camera and I still have my 14mm and 20mm pancake lenses which I now use on my GX8. I later sold all my canon gear and switched to Fuji, a camera with a similar sized sensor as my old 7D, and picked up 2 lenses that covered the range I needed for motorsports and event photography.

Fast forward a few years and here I am sitting at work staring at a Panasonic Micro 4/3 camera I had never heard of. Hey, it was released a few months ago, looks pretty sweet, especially in SILVER. I was already sold on the looks, I really dig the styling and aesthetics taken from old rangefinder cameras. Feature wise this thing is jammed packed and it had everything and more that I wanted.

I'll take a second here to express my annoyance with Canon, they seem to be turning into the Apple of the camera world. Each new camera they bring out MIGHT have a "new" feature that everyone else has already included in previous camera models. In camera time lapse? my GX8 has that, but when I was rocking my 7D, Canon would rather have you purchase a $130 plus intervalometer which Chinese companies already cloned for less than $20. And that's just one example.


I spent several hours checking reviews of the camera, and then I went back to B&H Photo and did a double take on the price. It was:

Not as expensive as I thought it should be.

Came with a free 12-60mm lens.

Came with a free $150 gift card to B&H Photo

Came with a free extended 3 year warranty on both the lens and camera body.

Free Shipping

Interest free payments for 6 months through paypal. ($0 down and I would have a camera to use for 30 days and if I didn't like it, whatever)


At this point I kinda knew I was going to be buying this thing in the near future until I realized after talking with B&H Photo customer service that this sweet deal ended that night. (never mind the fact I saw the same deal 2 weeks later... but hey. At the time It was a deal you don't see very often, at least for me.

So I clicked Buy Now. 

A few days later and I had myself one damn fine looking camera arrive from the man in the brown truck. I now had a camera that I felt comfortable taking with me everywhere, and I do. My Fuji workhorse stays at home and now I have a second body in case something goes amiss during event coverage. Only thing that is a bit unfortunate is having to build a lens collection for 2 different formats, but I digress.

I'm going to use this thing for a bit and come back with my initial impressions, which so far, have been great.





New Camera System -Goodbye Canon

For now at least. Part of me felt like It was a burden holding me back at times, in the past year I've been hiking in the mountains a lot and it very apparent how having a large camera holds you back. 



What lens should I bring, the trusty and cheap 18-50 f2.8? But I want the best quality, so maybe throw in the 50 f1.2 as well, but what about those long shots? Bring the 70-200 as well? And then I realize I don't have the room with all the climbing gear I'm carrying as well. I always end up just bringing my waterproof Nikon AW110, which does produce a great image for its size, but I'm always wanting more quality.


 Canon as a system was great when I was doing more Motorsports work, but lately I've felt I've been not shooting for myself enough. And that's why the Fuji XT-1 really peaked my interest, both for it's size and lens system. Camera arrives this week and I'm excited to get back out and shooting without lugging around an overly large camera bag. 


I've researched plenty on the camera and it's hitting many marks, and photographers around the world love it. I also own a Panasonic GF1, which was my first mirrorless camera and the technology has vastly improved since that came out. Looking foward to shooting with the XT-1 and showing the images it produces.