I try and do something cool and memorable every week, and one of my favorite places to be is the mountains. A life blog of sorts for the next year showcasing some of the adventures and moments I've captured.

February 13th - Tasha and moi tackled Mailbox Peak, after looking at the weather's predicted 90% chance of precipitation. Ended up getting an entire day of sun and great views. 

February 9th - Last night the Seattle area got its first "dump" of snow. This is what everyone was abandoning cars and freaking out about...


February 6th - A few of us went hiking around Snoqualmie/Cave Ridge, followed some snowshoe tracks that led up toward Snoqualmie Mountain. 10 degrees average that day, what an adventure.

January 30th - Me and Tash went up and hiked Mount Si for the first time, weather was perfect; cool, breezy, and snowing at the top. No view though, lots of fog. Ended up climbing the Haystack in all its snow and ice.

January 26th - Went down with some friends to Jules May in Seattle, followed by an early morning breakfast at Beth's Cafe, where I tried to eat a triple bypass, and failed. 

January 24th - Me and Rob returned from the previous days adventures to make our way up Cave Ridge via a partially frozen melting waterfall stream route. Got above the fog for some incredible views and had to turn back from the summit as it was getting dark. Check out the full set HERE and a video of the ice climbing HERE

January 23rd - Took up my friend Roberto and Tasha to Snoqualmie and we scrambled and explored around Cave Ridge, did some fun steep climbing on steep sections of rock and rappelled back down. Check out the full set HERE and a short video HERE

January 22nd - Went to Fujiyama Steak Grill and had some fantastic food.

January 16th - Had dinner with my girlfriends Dad, and some of the best steaks I have ever sunk teeth into.

January 15th -  Continued to play mess about with some macro photos, got a bowl of crushed ice and a flashlight, and then decided to try out the technique which lead to the shot below.

January 12th - Decided to try and shoot a pano of Seattle, with my iPhone. Turned out pretty well, about 9  shots stitched together.

January 11th -  My favorite movie (2012 version of course), enough said. I'm not joking when I say I've seen it over a hundred times.

January 10th - Went on the Snoqualmie Lake trail with Tasha, ended up only being able to get about halfway there due to conditions, Good fun times postholing everywhere though.

January 9th - Wanted to take a photo of rope up close. I always carry some with my when I go hiking, because I have a habit of getting into shenanagins.

January 8th - Do you like guns? I do. Even if they are props.

January 7th - The view of the city at night, dead, silent.

January 3rd - On the way back from my friends cabin near Mt. Rainier with my girlfriend, had to stop and take a photo of this view.

January 2nd - Second day the year, and second hike of the year. Took  a couple friends and my girlfriend Tasha to the top of Denny Mountain. Check out the full set on Flickr HERE

January 1st 2014 - Hiked up to Snow Lake in Snoqualmie Pass, first time I had ever been there in my life. The lake was frozen enough to walk on, so I trecked into the center of it, a very surreal experience. Check out the full set on Flickr HERE