My name's David Hintze, a lot of people know me as Gwag, (nickname, long story) I was born in 1988 in Washington, the best state in all of America. I was drawn to cameras at a young age and received my first point-n-shoot during Christmas which kick started my creative journey. I currently shoot with a Fuji X-T1, Panasonic GX8 with Fuji X and Micro 4/3 lenses. I previously shot with a canon system but sold everything to convert to the better, more compact mirrorless system I now use.

My photography leads me places, weather it's across state or across the entire continent. I've been involved with Motorsports and drifting for a while, shooting for companies such as NOS and Scion, and a contributor to Drifted.com, while my hobbies lead me to the more adventurous side of things.

lately I've been really getting into mountain, rock, and ice climbing, and the result is a lot of landscapes and mountain views. I enjoy exploring other areas of photography and hope they will lead to bigger and better things. I've recently done some photography for MilSim West, documenting their military simulation events around the state as well as local and pro level drifting events being held at Evergreen Speedway and other local tracks.

Past Clients include: Scion Racing, Intec Racing, NOS Energy Drink, Evergreen Drive, PGP Motorsports park, Drifted.com, NWmotiv.com, Milsim West, Battlesim, Ft Lewis, among other.